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Our Mission

The mission of Emmanuel Baptist Church (EBC) is to equip, and empower individuals, families and the community with the Gospel for the work of Jesus Christ. We believe this can only be done by transforming men and women from the inside out through the Love of Jesus Christ.

Emmanuel Baptist Church is committed to the idea that the only mechanism that can successfully address the problems of our society is the church. We believe that the church alone possesses the resources to address the spiritual and moral causes that serve as the basis for these problems. Furthermore, we believe that there is a biblical solution to every social problem, and the church is the best institution to apply these solutions properly.

In order to successfully address the enormous needs in our community, there must be an intentional and aggressive cross-racial and cross-denominational networking between churches. EBC seeks to be a catalyst in bringing our community together. We believe this can be done by creating biblically based programs that not only accomplish and address real problems, but simultaneously promote reconciliation among Christians in the process.

Tenets of Ministry

Biblical Preaching & Teaching

We believe that Biblical preaching and teaching is the foundation for equipping and empowering the body of Christ. Once truth is declared, the Holy Spirit confronts the hearers and bring those who respond into conformity with God’s Word.

Comprehensive Ministry

We believe that the church must impact all dimensions of life, from a Biblical perspective, whether is be social. economical, or educational. The goal of ministry should be that all are influenced by the Gospel.


We believe in accountability within the body of Christ. We believe it is the responsibility of the church to lovingly inspire one another to faithful conformity to the Word of God in their lives. When this happens, God is glorified and His kingdom is promoted in the world.

Emmanuel Baptist Church 5-Fold Ministry

  • Evangelism: To communicate Christ’s message through outreach.
  • Fellowship : To incorporate Christ’s family into the fellowship of the local church through membership.
  • Worship : To celebrate Christ’s presence as we magnify His name through genuine worship.
  • Discipleship : To educate Christ’s followers to Christ-like maturity through Bible teaching and training for ministry.
  • Ministry : To demonstrate Christ’s love through caring service to all people of all races and nationalities.
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