‘Why Don’t I Fit In?’: Being Nuanced In A World of Black and White

‘Why Don’t I Fit In?’: Being Nuanced In A World of Black and White

During the Trump Era, one thing has become clear. America is deeply divided. His campaign and presidency took advantage of the rifts many forgot America still had. One key element of these times is that there seems to be only two sides of the political or social spectrum you can fall on. Either you are ultra conservative in every way with a blatant disregard for the well-being of many populations, like black and brown people or immigrants, or you are the super-liberal, willing to advance an idea of equality that is sometimes problematic or based off of sometimes faulty reasoning at any cost. However, while many want you to believe that America can only be viewed in terms of black or white, there is, in fact, many shades of grey and yellows and greens and purples.

The world of politics is full of nuance, meaning that there are subtle differences that can make a world of difference. This means that it is almost impossible to agree with one “side” on every issue. This blind agreeance stems from a lack of taking the time to understand the facts and draw an independent conclusion. It is very dangerous to follow one “side” without taking time to figure out exactly what one believes to be true and why one believes that way. After this time of introspection, one might find that they mostly agree with one particular point of view or that they, like me, fall somewhere in the middle. Then the time must taken to prioritize issues and their impact on the world. For instance, it is possible to disagree with the morality of abortion but prioritize creating the best possible circumstances for a child after it is born, especially if the child is black or brown. This line of reasoning may lead to a vote a particular way in spite of a major objection on that one issue. Life is about hard decisions and the best way to make these decisions is with lots of thought and factual information.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, one of the greatest writers American has ever produced, once said, “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” Basically, in a world trying to force you to fall into one of two categories, dare to be yourself. A person who not always agrees with a particular “side”, is a person who thinks for themselves and uses wisdom to guide their decisions. If ever you feel out of place, remember that the world is full of color, not just black and white, and if you ask me, I’d take a vivid color over a basic black or white any day.

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